InteGRAL, i.e. Intersectional Gender Research Advocacy and Learning, is a research and consulting firm that focuses on gender, education and livelihoods. We combine lived and observed experiences, theoretical knowledge, as well as high quality research methods to build evidence that draws attention to gender equality. We use feminist methods, which centers the voices of the most marginalized to make interventions work for all. Started in 2020, InteGRAL is based in India and focuses on the Global South

Why Gender?

Gender, for many, is an integral part of their identity and women, girls and those of marginalized gender identities require a special focus, as an identity can be limiting or empowering. An example below can be revelatory.

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scant research on gender and schooling in India

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What are our boys learning in their boyhood phase?

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Why InteGRAL?

We use rigorous feminist research methods to provide insights that enable a truly inclusive and just outcome no matter what your objectives are.

Our feminist research and advisory methods are enriched by an intersectional approach, which acknowledges diverse identities that jointly influence people's life outcomes.


We specialize in research that foregrounds gender. Our research can enrich organizations' strategy, launching a new programme, or scaling an existing one. We use qualitative or mixed methods and are open to partnering as local research agency.


We advocate for a more gender just education and livelihood means through our strong research base. We offer feminist evaluations of programmes and offer expertise for stronger advocacy.


We aim to build capacity of those who would like to sharpen their insights regarding how gender and education or livelihoods are related. We offer training programmes to people of all backgrounds and roles. Our training programmes are rooted in feminist theory and historical struggles.

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Clients & Partners

Since 2020, our clients have involved us in research, training programmes, expertise, speaking opportunities and evaluations.

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Trainings and Talks

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Gender Audit

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Knowledge Partner


Feminist Evaluation


InteGRAL is founded and led by Fiona Vaz and is supported by consultants based on the needs of the project. A short introduction to the team members appears below.

Fiona Vaz

Fiona is a gender researcher with a focus on education in India. She has worked on all of InteGRAL's projects bringing in her knowledge of feminist research methods, adherence to ethical frameworks and creative use of dissemination methods. Prior to gender research, Fiona has served as an educator especially for those who are marginalized. Fiona has an M.A. in Education, Gender and International Development from Institute of Education, UCL and an M.A. in Psychology from Mumbai University. She was a Chevening Scholar in the year 2018-19.

Mohona Chatterjee

Mohona is Director of InteGRAL and partners with various projects. She has more than a decade of experience in development of gender action plans, programme and project management and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, qualitative research, advocacy, donor due-diligence as well as mentoring grassroots organizations, women’s groups and young people. Over the years, she has had years of experience across social sector projects in areas as Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Youth Leadership, Livelihoods primarily having focused on work with adolescent girls and women. Her clients have included Agence Francaise de Development, Dhaka Public Transport Improvement Project, Total Energies, CREA and so forth. Mohona has an M.A. in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

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Shalini Nair

Shalini is an environment educator and a researcher working with education organizations. She brings to InteGRAL her history of researching experiences of teachers and students from low income private schools and government schools as inputs to improve programmes. She asists with data collection on the ground along with preliminary analysis. Shalini has an M.A. in Education from Azim Premji University and a Masters of Environmental Science from University of Mysore.

Rachna Shanbog

Rachna recently completed her PhD from Dublin City University, Ireland. Her research focussed on India’s development assistance programme. Before joining the PhD programme in 2017, Rachna had been working in the development sector in India for about nine years with UN Women, The Hunger Project (INGO), and other organisations at the national level. At InteGRAL, Rachna has helped with a gender audit of Global School Leader's Leadership Programme.

In the past, InteGRAL was also supported by Rizki Amalia Affiat and Peny Rahmadhani in Indonesia on several projects with an Asia focus especially for FES- Asia, Gender Justice Hub- Nepal, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Same Skies Malaysia and Indonesia and Indonesia Mengajar. Rizki is a specialist in women, peace and security research while Peny brings in an education experience.

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Feminal- a feminist reading circle, supported by InteGRAL

The objective of feminal is to create a community that is aware of historical feminist struggles through reading and engaging with key feminist literature so that one can continue creating a gender transformative world in an informed way.

Book List

  1. The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir (1949)
  2. The Dialectic of Sex- The Case for feminist revolution- Shulamith Firestone (1970)
  3. Feminist Theory, from Margins to Center, bell hooks (1984)
  4. Gender Trouble, Judith Butler (1990)
  5. Gender and Nation, Nira Yuval-Davis (1993/ 1997)
  6. Masculinities, R.W. Connell (1995)
  7. Feminism Without Borders, Chandra Talpade Mohanty (2003)

8. Writing Caste Writing Gender, Sharmila Rege (2006)

9. Seeing like a feminist, Nivedita Menon (2012)

10. Do Muslim Women Need Saving, Lila Abu-Lughod (2013)

Additional Info

Discussions take place on Monday evenings at 7 and 8.15 pm IST. You pay as you like. Please email us to participate in the next book reading at

Let's talk

Research, Evaluations, Training in Gender and Education

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